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Lincolnshire Senior County Team 2017 - information and how to apply

This year, the team is being co-managed by myself - Graham Crampin. and Geoff Thomas. We will be be very happy to talk to anyone about the team at archery tournaments, although please try to do this at a suitable time, and not during shooting - before shooting starts, during distance changes, or at lunch are probably best. Application is open to anyone who is a member of LCAS and Archery GB, and you are encouraged to try for the team - it is very much an attainable goal for club level archers. Of course we will always try to pick the best squad for each event, but don't think the standard is sky high and out of reach - it isn't. I would add that the team is usually pushed to find enough lady archers, so ladies please do apply - the chances are good that we will be able to select you.

We will select mainly based on scores that we receive from you shot in 2017, and for rounds which include the longer distances (ladies: 80 yards/70 metres, gents: 100 yards/90 metres) as these are used for our matches. Preference is also given to scores shot at tournaments, but if you have not been able to get to any/many tournaments, please send whatever scoring information you have regarding your current shooting, and we will always consider that along with what we know of your previous archery experience. We will select a fresh squad a few weeks before each event, based on scores received up to that point - so there are several chances to represent the county, and if you don't succeed the first time, keep sending in any further scores you get as the year progresses. 

You can submit any scores you have received to either myself or Geoff Thomas, if you see us at a tournament, or use the contact link on this page to send them to me via email - I will be keen to hear from you, and to help with any team-related questions you may have. I promise to respond promptly to any enquiries you may have, and to acknowledge any scores you send me.

When submitting your scores, please include the following:

1. Name, and Archery GB (GNAS) membership number
2. email address (and/or phone number/address if you have no email)
3. Club (if applicable)
4. Bow Style (Recurve/Compound/Longbow/Barebow)
5. Date round shot
6. Venue and host club
7. Round shot, and if at a record status event
8. Score attained
9. You can also include a note about the weather on the day if you like

We will have a team competing at several events during the year. There are three individual matches against Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire & Rutland, and Cambridgeshire (dates/venues for these will be posted here when finalised, hopefully very soon). Also there is the big annual EMAS Inter-County Tournament, when we compete against the four other counties in the East Midlands region - this year it will be hosted by Northants, and held on 3 September.

I think that is about everything I have to say at this stage, but do keep checking the site for updates. Again please do have a go and submit some scores - you will never know if you don't try! I really do want the county team to be a useful goal for everyone in Lincolnshire, and something that we can all feel some pride in. I wish everyone the very best shooting for 2017, and look forward to hearing from you.

Graham Crampin (County Team Co-Manager)


NameGraham Crampin
Position/JobSenior Team Manager


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